An interlude of pleasure associated with the idea of responsible beauty, respectful of the skin and the environment

Crest Alpine Lodge & SPA

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Close your eyes and listen to the silence of the mountain, here relaxation is at home.

Silence and darkness, water and air: these are the fundamental elements of the experience at Crest Alpine Lodge and Spa. The silence of the mountains, where cars do not arrive and the only sounds are those of wind and snow when it falls. The darkness that here seems so absolute and instead so bright, without the lights of the cities obscuring the stars. The water that is uncontaminated, in winter it is snow and covers everything and in the summer it gushes sparkling. The air here is purer than ever, always fresh and regenerating.


in the total relaxation of the Lodge


The rooms and suites of the Crest Alpine Lodge and Spa in Champoluc have been designed to make you feel at home and, at the same time, to give you everything you don't have at home. Light and glass to become one with the mountains on the horizon, large spaces to let you go, privacy and silence to free your mind. And in the higher categories, private terraces overlooking the Ayas Valley and Monte Rosa, to laze under the cloudless sky of your summer in Champoluc.


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